Data submission to CropMetaWeb

Crop Metabolome database is a public repository for dissemination of crop metabolomics data. You are invited to submit raw metabolomics data for currently existing six crops and for others, like sorghum, millet, beets, coffee, tea, tomato, peanut, olive, citrus, apricot, grape, etc. Note, only mass spectral raw data files are currently supported. Submissions are kept confidential until posted for open access on a date set by submitters.

Please contact us if you hope to collaborate with us on expanding coverage to other crops!   Contact Us

How to submit metabolomics raw data

In order to submit metabolomics data, you need to first contact us to acquire a Project_ID.  Contact Us!  A filled project-sample-metadata file  (download )  is needed when you request a Project_ID by email. Once a Project_ID is assigned to you by email, you will be able to submit new data files, or update existing data files under the project you own.

Note, one project can include a number of samples. And each sample can have multiple raw data files because of sample-experiment-polarity-repeat# combinations. Project-sample-experiment relation information is included in the project-sample-metadata file used to accompany data file for submission.

Submission Portal



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Raw Mass Spectral Data

Each datafile is limited 300M in size and please make sure there are no colons(:) in your file name!

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